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This Zoom course is GSWCC-approved to renew Level 1A Fundamentals (Blue Card), Level 1B (Red Card), or Level II (Tan or Gray Card) credentials.

This instructor-led Zoom webinar course is 4 hours long and there is no test. Upon completion of the course, and upon the Commission receiving your Lawful Presence forms (if they haven’t already), your certification will be renewed for an additional 3 years from your original expiration date. You will be required to always have your web camera on as it is required by GASWCC that we be able to prove the attendance of all students throughout the entire course. Screen sharing with multiple attendees is permitted as long as all students are registered, and all may be seen in the camera view at all times.

Worth 4 PDH’s, the Course Itinerary includes:

  • GEOS Reporting, New Permit Requirements, and Making Sense of it All.
  • Waters of the US and State Waters
  • Compliance and Regulatory Inspection Protocol
  • Ensuring Everyone is Properly Certified
  • Changes to requirements in the ES&PC Plan
  • When do you become the responsible party?
  • Local Permits and State Permits for the Same Project
  • How Secondary and Tertiary Permittee’s work.
  • Financial liability: Most builders, developers, subcontractors, property owners, engineers, and inspectors are not aware of the liability brought by federal and state laws that govern land-disturbing activities in Georgia.

This course with embedded videos and interactive instructor training is designed to provide recertification for attendees wishing to maintain their Georgia certification. Secondly, the interactive course allows attendees to become knowledgeable of the US-EPA and GA-EPD requirements, new permit changes, best management practices and state waters requirements, as well as the resources and methods available to help you understand why and how the NPDES program works. The course gives individuals time to ask questions, discuss challenges, and get solid answers.

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July 19, 2024ReCertification for 1A, 1B, Lvl II - 7.19.24 ZoomRegisterZoom Classes
August 26, 2024ReCertification for 1A, 1B, Lvl II - 8.26.24 ZoomRegisterZoom Classes
October 04, 2024ReCertification for 1A, 1B, Lvl II - 10.4.24 ZoomRegisterZoom Classes
November 25, 2024ReCertification for 1A, 1B, Lvl II - 11.25.24 ZoomRegisterZoom Classes
January 02, 2025ReCertification for 1A, 1B, Lvl II - 1.2.25 ZoomRegisterZoom Classes