Level 1B Advanced Fundamentals (Red Card)

The Level IB Advanced Fundamentals Seminar is a 2-day course designed to train GSWCC Red Card Certificationatory enforcement inspectors and non-regulatory personnel. These individuals are typically contracted by local issuing authorities to perform regulatory inspections. The course covers several topics, such as the role of the inspector, ES&PC planning and review and local program overview criteria.

Requirements for Level IB Certification

“Certified Inspector”

  • Must have completed 60 days of work experience in the field of erosion and sediment control.
  • In lieu of 60 days work experience, you may obtain a Level 1A Fundamentals Certification.
  • You must register for the Level 1B Advanced Fundamentals Seminar.
  • Pass the test with a 70% or better
  • Apply for Appropriate Certification (completed in class)

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