Some of our “Raving Fans!”

“I just wanted to say that this was by far the best training class I have ever been to since working in the construction industry for over 30 years. I will refer anyone that needs this training to you in the future. I will also inform my company that anyone needing the certification for Georgia should take your class. Thanks again for making the class interesting and helping all of us see how we should be running our projects as well as what we should expect from our subcontractors. I will be requiring all of my subs to at least have their White card as a condition of their contract.” – T. Dunnam, General Superintendent

Letters of Recommendation:

Customer Testimonials:

  • Thank you. It looks like everyone in our group passed and I can assure you it was due to the great job Luke did teaching. It was a pleasure to have a true professional with the knowledge along with his true passion for what he is teaching. I will recommend your services to everyone I meet who needs their NPDES certification. Thanks again.
  • I just wanted to pass on a note about the Level 2 Recertification class that I and other Spaulding County representatives took this morning in Cartersville, GA. Your instructor did a fantastic job training the class. The course material was excellent. I will definitely recommend more people to your classes.
  • I liked all the information being taught. I learned a lot of things that I did not know before when I was on job sites. There was nothing that I did not like. – E. Garcia, Construction
  • The course impressed upon me the responsibility that I have as a contractor/developer and especially the liability I have. I am leaving this course with more awareness, taking the subject more seriously and more aware of my liability. – J.G., Land Developer/General Contractor
  • Great explanations of how erosion control hurts wildlife and helps wildlife when installed properly. – General Contractor
  • I enjoyed actually being informed about a lot of information that I had never really thought about. – Keever Plumbing
  • The instructor was great with everything. I learned a lot about erosion. Luke was GREAT! – A Pilgrim, Construction
  • The course was informative, yet relaxed and informal. – S. White, Construction
  • The course explained the “why” of BMPs. – R. Hersohon, Construction
  • The course imparted knowledge of the EPA, EPD, and local authority requirements. – C. East, General Contractor
  • The course instructor communicated in an effective, educational manner. – D. Horne, General Contractor
  • The instructor helped me learn why these practices are so important. – C. Young, General Contractor
  • He (Luke) really took the time to answer any questions. – J. Wetzel, General Contractor
  • The instructor’s attitude and knowledge were great! Outstanding instructor and course! – J. Bacon, Plumber
  • The material was well explained, including its application to the real world and my job. – Plumber
  • The instructor really explained the material so I could understand it. – J. Payne, Construction
  • It was very informative. It helped me better understand the nature of sediment and erosion. – J. Sexton, Construction
  • I enjoyed the practical applications and real-life experiences he talked about. – K. Dufresne, Construction
  • It was great to learn about the right way to use BMPs around streams. I was not sure or taught the right way before. – S. Baus, General Contractor
  • It was a lot of material but presented in an understandable way. – M. Horseman, General Contractor
  • Real-life examples and explanations. – T. Farrel, General Contractor
  • I didn’t initially think I needed a class like this, but I’m glad I took this course. – S. Yates, Electrical Contractor
  • The instructor used common sense and logic. – C. Truss, Subcontractor
  • I liked it because it helped me to understand things (like BMPs) I use on a day-to-day basis. – D. Tracy, Construction
  • The instructor’s knowledge and passion for the subject were apparent. – R. Bunion
  • The instructor’s personality made asking questions and offering feedback easy. The course material was clear.
  • I liked the instructor’s willingness to answer questions and back them with examples. – C. Collins
  • I liked the instructor’s knowledge and presentation abilities. I thought it was very informative and valuable. – V. Wagoner
  • The knowledge of the instructor and the ability to present the material in a clear manner was great. – R. Newman, Construction
  • The course answered a lot of questions that I always ask myself when I’m on a construction site, and I know what’s right and what’s wrong now. – J. Beck