Helpful Resources

  1. Stormwater Utility Action Plan with Templates
  2. Erosion and Sediment Modeling of the Lake Sidney Lanier Watershed
  3. NPDES Permit for Construction Compliance Guidance
  4. NPDES Permit for Construction Compliance Guidance UPDATED
  5. LIA – LDA Permit Inspection Form
  6. Georgia Minor Land Disturbance Guidance
  7. BMP Defense for Construction Activity in Georgia
  8. Concrete Washout – USEPA Guidance
  9. US EPA National Menu of Best Management Practices
  10. US EPA Polymer Flocculant Handout
  11. Field Manual for Erosion and Sediment Control
  12. Revised Enforcement Protocol for the Notice of Intent/Notice of Termination
  13. Manual for Erosion and Sediment Control in Georgia, 2016 Edition (Green Book)
  14. 2018 NPDES Fact Sheet
  15. Tertiary Permittee ES&PC plan options
  16. GAR100001 – Stand Alone General Permit
  17. GAR100002 – Infrastructure General Permit
  18. GAR100003 – Common Development Permit
  19. GA Permittee Requirement
  20. Construction Inspection Forms
  21. Clean Water Act
  22. EPA Sediment Pollution Report
  23. NPDES in Georgia
  24. GA Stormwater Management Manual
  25. Coastal Supplement
  26. Streambank Stabilization
  27. Pond Guide
  28. Find the impaired watersheds in your state (TMDL’s)
  29. 2019 GA ES&PC Plan Review Checklists
  30. 2016 GA Model Ordinance
  31. LDA Enforcement Requirements
  32. Alternative BMP Guidance
  33. GA NPDES Construction Permit References
  34. Certification Fact Sheet
  35. Required Citizenship Forms
  36. Level 1A Fundamentals Coursebook
  37. Level 1B Advanced Fundamentals Coursebook
  38. Level II Introduction to Design Coursebook
  39. Trout Stream Designations
  40. EPD-MNGWPD 2017-2022 Audit Checklist
  41. Macroinvertebrates for the Great Lakes Region