MS4 Training

MS4 Compliance & Enforcement Certified Inspector

The MS4 Compliance and Enforcement Certified Inspector (MS4CECI) Seminar is a 2-day training experience. This course is designed to provide the required Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) credentials to staff and contracted personnel to perform MS4 permit compliance and enforcement responsibilities.

CLASSROOM TRAINING: Upon completion of the first day of training the course attendee will have learned:

  • Clean Water Act Fundamentals
  • National Stormwater History
  • Green Infrastructure / Urban Stormwater Impacts
  • MS4 Permit Compliance and Enforcement Basics

* USEPA, State and/or Local government personnel will present on subjects related to Waters of the US, State Waters, MS4 program audits, preferred enforcement protocol, etc.

CLASSROOM TRAINING: Upon completion of the second day of training, the attendee will have learned:

  • Role of the MS4 Inspector
  • IDDE Outfall Reconnaissance & Investigations
  • Industrial General Facility Inspections


  • Outfall Reconnaissance, inventory & water sampling protocol
  • Illicit Discharge Detection Elimination (including annual inspections and complaint investigations)
  • Industrial Facility Investigations.

Course modules have been prepared and reviewed by stormwater consulting professionals in conjunction with state and local regulatory personnel. NPDES Stormwater Training Institute instructors, as well as US EPA officials and Environmental Protection Division personnel, present important stormwater topics in an easy to understand and practical format. These interactive learning tools consist of: video, keynote presentations, experiential sharing, whiteboard question and answer sessions, group problem solving, and realistic in-field investigations.

***New to our course in 2017 is our module for Green Infrastructure Stormwater Management Practices. This module will cover the benefits and challenges of using green infrastructure and low-impact development technologies, land use planning, retrofitting and maintenance.

Upon completion of the two day MS4CECI Seminar, attendees will take a 1-hour open book exam. Certification is granted upon receiving a passing score of 70%. Upon successful completion of the course, the attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion and an MS4CECI photo ID card. All course material, instruction, testing and certification ID card are included in the cost of the course. The certification is valid for 3 years, at which time an online renewal course will be available.


The NPDES Training Institute developed the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Compliance & Enforcement Certified Inspector (MS4 CECI) course to fill a need for municipalities, SWPPP design professionals and regulatory plan reviewers to be properly educated and knowledgeable of their compliance and enforcement activities as MS4 operators. We’ve received scores of questions asking if we could provide an MS4 Inspector course for their people. As a result, we’ve invested a lot of time and energy into the MS4 CECI course that answers all the questions we’ve ever received about the MS4 program.

Luke Owen, Principal trainer and consultant for the NPDES Stormwater Training Institute, lead the development of the MS4 CECI course and invited federal, state and local government officials and consultants to review and edit the class modules. As a result, we believe the MS4 CECI course is by far the most effective course offered anywhere that truly helps the MS4 inspector fulfill his/her MS4 responsibilities in the field. The course explains the complexities of the MS4 program and how the permit ties into the overall NPDES construction & multi-sector general permit programs. Additionally, it gives specific guidance on how to perform MS4 outfall, IDDE investigations, facility inspections and outfall monitoring duties.

MS4 field compliance and enforcement inspectors (MS4 CECI’s) are where the rubber meets the road when it comes to effectively growing our economy and protecting our water resources at the same time. Without knowledgeable MS4 inspector oversight of our watersheds; local fishing holes have little hope of holding fish for the next generation.

Cost for the two day class including all materials (3 manuals – MS4CECI manual, IDDE manual, & Georgia Stormwater Management Manual for courses in Georgia), Notepad, Pen with Highlighter, Instruction, Test, MS4CECI Photo ID Certification Card (upon successful completion of the course), Lanyard, Certificate of Completion, Hard hat decal, Clear NPDES decal, Thumb drive with all course materials and MS4CECI embroidered patch:  $747

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